Who We Are

Who We Are

Huntsman Corporation is a global manufacturer of differentiated and specialty chemicals that you use every day.

With over 60 years’ experience developing composite resin technologies, Huntsman experts collaborate with automotive players to design products that enable lighter, more-fuel efficient vehicles while maintaining the high-quality standards of passenger safety and comfort.

From the high-performance automobile to mass transit transportation, Huntsman’s products and materials help the OEM to manufacture vehicles that are safe and comfortable, with good aesthetics and reduced environmental impact through light-weighting and improved fuel efficiency. At Huntsman, we make things possible.

Huntsman’s Innovative Technologies Enable the Automotive Industry’s Transition to Electric Vehicles

Huntsman’s Innovative Technologies Enable the Automotive Industry’s Transition to Electric Vehicles

Huntsman is uniquely prepared to deliver the innovations that the automotive and mobility industries need today, and as they make the transition to electric vehicles.

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Made Possible

Enriching Lives through Innovation

Our Made Possible proposition is framed around three compelling promises: Ideas Made Possible, Performance Made Possible and Tomorrow Made Possible.

These cover the most important areas in which our services and solutions make the biggest difference and where growth and opportunity is created for our customers.

Ideas Made Possible

Our customers depend on constant innovation; whether it's a faster development process or exciting new technology, we bring their ideas to life.

Performance Made Possible

Our specialist expertise and deep insights into customer needs mean we enable products to perform better, work faster, and cost less to produce.

Tomorrow Made Possible

We make tomorrow a cleaner, safer place through efficient solutions that reduce waste, last longer, and lower our customers' impact on the environment.

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We operate more than 70 manufacturing, research and development, and operations facilities in approximately 30 countries and employ approximately 9,000 associates. Explore our various products and divisions.

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