Your production processes need to combine superior efficiency with exceptional end-product performance. Huntsman’s laboratories can duplicate your processes, and offer on-site support, to help you find the best parameters (vacuum, temperature, pressure) for the most appropriate resin systems. With our processing help, you’ll need fewer trials to optimize quality and performance for each part.

Optimize the Cost and Efficiency of your Processes

Huntsman’s team of experts has broad and deep experience with most processes used to produce automotive components, and can provide advice on equipment choices (machines, molds, ancillaries) and on selecting the most suitable resin systems from our extensive portfolio. Support can also be provided on-site to assist with the launch of production for new products, or to address problems.

Reduce Time to Market

Reduce Time to Market

Testing on real production equipment, combined with our simulation services, lets you establish the most efficient processing parameters and the best performance with fewer trials. This not only reduces costs, but shortens the time required to bring new products to market.

Reduce Downtime

Reduce Downtime

It may be desirable to fine-tune processes after volume production has begun. Or, despite the most comprehensive planning, problems may appear. Huntsman’s application engineers are available to quickly provide on-site support, and can offer practical recommendations on how to optimize your manufacturing process or fix issues with a minimum of downtime.

Innovations in Processing

Innovations in Processing

Our application engineers also belong to our Research & Innovation team, and spend a significant part of their time developing new processing solutions and improving existing ones, often in close collaboration with customers.

Real-Time Processing Analysis

Our specialists can analyze every aspect of your manufacturing processes and work closely with your staff to achieve the maximum possible efficiency on your production line.

Supporting all Common
Automotive Processes

Supporting all Common <br>Automotive Processes

Huntsman’s application engineers are well-versed in both traditional and cutting-edge processes for composites and electronics. 

Test in Real-World

Test in Real-World <br>Conditions

Huntsman has access to the latest production equipment, and can demonstrate how your processes will perform on a real production line.

Dynamic Fluid
Compression Molding

Dynamic Fluid <br>Compression Molding

Huntsman’s innovative Dynamic Fluid Compression Molding (DFCM) offers reduced cost, and greatly improves the quality of composite parts versus standard Wet Compression Molding.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Huntsman’s processing support benefit customers?

We can help you to drive quality and efficiency across your entire production process, from concept development to supply-chain security, with proven methods and technologies to reduce costs and maintain a more sustainable platform.

Our application engineers can give you expert advice and practical recommendations on how to optimize your chosen manufacturing processes.

What processes are covered?

Huntsman’s experts can provide guidance for just about any production process used for automotive parts. Composite processes include preforming, HP-RTM, Wet Compression Molding, Sheet Molding Compound, Pultrusion, Wet Filament Winding, Towpreg manufacturing and Towpreg Winding. Processes for electronics include Vacuum Casting, Automatic Pressure Gelation and Trickle and Roll-Dip Impregnation.

Encapsulation and impregnation prototyping of electric motors

Encapsulation and impregnation prototyping of electric motors

Whatever your insulation requirements, Huntsman can provide prototypes for just about any impregnation and encapsulation process used for electrical components.

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