Ignition Coil

Ignition Coil

Automotive ignition coils are cast in filled epoxy resins, which penetrate voids within the winding and provide electrical insulation and heat conduction. Potting of ignition coils reduces transformer and inductor hot spots and extends component reliability and lifespan. Huntsman produces epoxy systems specially designed to insulate and protect high-voltage coil components.

Improved Endurance for Ignition Coils

Huntsman resin systems deliver a robust potting/curing process. This translates to improved performance in thermal endurance, thermal cycling and thermal shock, better electrical properties, greater long-term reliability, higher mechanical strength, better crack resistance and fracture toughness, and a lower coefficient of thermal expansion, which results in less stress and shrinkage.

ARALDITE® encapsulation systems exhibit excellent electrical and mechanical properties for long-term reliability at temperatures up to 220° C.

They are suitable for impregnation of fine wire windings as small as 30 μm, and exhibit high dielectric strength and high voltage resistance (up to 30 kV/mm). Their low viscosity is ideal for producing effective insulation between high-voltage ignition coil components, and they have a low coefficient of thermal expansion to resist stress cracking in electronics applications.

ARALDITE® resin systems are designed to enable mass production with short cycle times. They feature short curing times (currently between four and six hours) are compatible with integrated Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), and exhibit good adhesion to thermoplastic housings and bobbins.

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Ignition Coil

Ignition Coil

We produce epoxy systems specially designed to insulate high-voltage coil components, thus reducing transformer and inductor hot spots and extending reliability and lifespan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What process is used for impregnation and potting of ignition coils?

ARALDITE® encapsulation systems can quickly fill gaps of one millimeter, or even less, between fine wire windings in ignition coils. The vacuum potting process is used.

What specific Huntsman products are recommended for impregnation and potting of ignition coils?

ARALDITE® CW 5725-6 resin / ARADUR® HY 5726-2 hardener is a high-performance REACH-compliant solution tailored to applications in which easy processing is a top priority. ARALDITE® CW 5742 resin / ARADUR® HY 5726-2 hardener is a high-Tg REACH-compliant solution optimized for ignition coils that require high thermal endurance.

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