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Huntsman at CWIEME 2022: enabling the solutions of tomorrow


Huntsman at CWIEME 2022: enabling the solutions of tomorrow

March 29, 2022 - 05:25 pm CEST

Huntsman, Booth C20, Hall 4.2, Berlin, 10th-12th May 2022

Huntsman Advanced Materials will attend CWIEME 2022, highlighting its evolving range of solutions that will contribute to the global electrical engineering revolution with class-leading thermoset insulation technologies and innovative carbon materials, for the global power engineering and e-mobility applications.

Visit Booth C20, Hall 4, to see how Huntsman’s innovative solutions and services can help bring the products of tomorrow to life. 

With more than 70 years of experience developing ARALDITE® thermoset resins technologies, Huntsman scientists collaborate with customers’ experts to enable increased performance and accelerated development times.

As consumer demand and environmental regulations drive more widespread adoption of electrical vehicles, OEMs and 1st Tiers around the world are investing in development of advanced electric motors with higher voltage and power density.

This is technically challenged by risk of electrical losses, e.g. partial discharge in operation that limits motor’s reliability and lifetime. Huntsman Advanced Materials has developed innovative electrical insulating material solutions to enable production of reliable electric powertrain for high voltage applications.

At the event, Huntsman will showcase a few applications of those innovative ARALDITE® solutions already engaged in OEM or Tiers qualification programs and that contribute to a more sustainable mobility:

The latest generation of stators will be displayed that were produced with the two-components potting systems ARALDITE® CW 30334 / ARADUR® HW 30335 and ARALDITE® CW 30407 / ARADUR® HW 30408, developed to address respectively the processing needs for manufacturing of round-wire and hairpin stator designs via vacuum casting or automated pressure gelation processes.

In addition to their optimized processability, those resin systems deliver outstanding performance such as class H thermal and crack resistance, noise damping, chemical resistance and excellent heat transfer capabilities with a thermal conductivity of up to 1.2 W/m.K.

Also shown on the booth will be an example of a stator produced by trickle impregnation with ARALDITE® CY 38500, a VOC and CMR-free mono-component system with high Tg (170°C), high filling factor and optimized adhesion to PEEK used commonly as primary insulator.

Alongside solutions for e-mobility, Huntsman will also showcase its latest innovations targeting higher performance ignition coils for internal combustion engines. Designed for highly automated process with cycle time of a few seconds only, ARALDITE® CW 5725-6 / ARADUR® HY 5726-2 ensures perfect impregnation of high voltage windings to ensure reliable operations.

The global power industry benefits since a long time from a complete portfolio of ARALDITE® insulation systems proven to deliver outstanding performance and reliability for even the most demanding electrical engineering applications.

A generator bar will be showcased to illustrate this long heritage of reliability and performance as well as Huntsman’s innovation in this domain of applications: ARALDITE® MY 790-1 / ARADUR® 1102 is the standard VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) system, proven since decades in large drives and high voltage generators; Since its development, knowledge on chemical risks has progressed and, keen to offer its customers ever safer products, Huntsman developed ARADUR® HY 30428 a new hardener that fits as an SVHC-free substitute (SCHC stands for Substance of Very High Concern) to original ARADUR® 1102 hardener, providing comparable properties in processing and insulation. Although Tg is lower, dielectric losses remain at same level at high temperatures.

On the booth Huntsman’s will also feature its structural adhesives core range consisting of ten multi-purpose Epoxy, Polyurethane and Acrylic adhesives based on innovative chemistries. Renowned pioneer in epoxy and polyurethane adhesives, Huntsman will highlight its efforts to diversify and improve its offer, introducing in particular 3 ground-breaking Acrylic adhesives that have in common to virtually avoid the surface preparation before joining:

ARALDITE® 2051, based on latest progresses in catalyst chemistry, is an ultra-fast curing adhesive able to cure even at low temperature or under very high humidity conditions; ARALDITE® 2023 has been designed to allow high gap-filling capabilities and applications where intense and long-lasting dynamic loading is applied. ARALDITE® 2053 shows a very broad range of materials compatibility from plastics to metals and their alloys, making it ideal to simplify logistic and optimize costs by reducing inventories.

Finally, Huntsman will propose to innovators its MIRALON® carbon materials, a new generation of carbon nanotube-based (CNT) materials that, unlike standard powder CNTs, is available in the form of sheets, yarns, or pulp.

Classified as articles by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), MIRALON® materials are comprised of interconnected bundles of ultra-long, entangled nanotubes. This structure drives increased strength, conductivity (almost equal to Single-Wall CNTs), and toughness at low density, with significant performance benefits versus other nanotubes; they combine electrical and thermal conductivity with high mechanical strength and also exhibit electro-magnetic shielding (ESD) capabilities illustrated on the stand by an application of MIRALON® Sheets replacing nickel-copper ESD protection in data-cables, enabling up to 50% weight reduction, enhancing fatigue life and reducing maintenance.

For more information, speak to Huntsman’s experts at Booth C20, Hall 4.2

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