Composite materials are ideal for automotive wheels, as they combine light weight with high stiffness and strength. Using composite wheels reduces unsprung weight, which improves traction and control, while composites’ greater stiffness translates to a more dynamic driving experience. Huntsman offers a range of resin systems optimized for production of composite wheels.

Composite Resin Systems for Wheels

ARALDITE® resin solutions for composite wheels offer outstanding performance for both OEMs and after-market wheel producers. Their high thermomechanical performance meets the most stringent safety requirements for impact and fatigue resistance, and Huntsman's innovative chemistry delivers exceptional color stability and UV resistance, resulting in high aesthetic-quality parts.

Huntsman’s ARALDITE® composite solutions provide wheel rim designers and manufacturers with the optimal combination of high strength and light weight.

The choice of a resin system also impacts the driving experience—our chemistries deliver reduced road noise, improved vehicle handling and decreased braking distance.

Huntsman has advanced the science of impact resistance in conjunction with the ability to perform at the high temperatures required by the latest disc braking systems.

Huntsman’s resin systems have been designed for mass production, and are available in different formulations to support multiple manufacturing processes. New-generation products enable increased productivity and improved aesthetic qualities, allowing intricate and colorful designs.

The Right Resin Systems for Your Composite Parts

Battery Housing

Battery Housing

Our resin systems allow to reduce battery housing designs weight by up to 40%, while meeting all safety, mechanical and thermal requirements.

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Body in White

Body in White

We offer resin systems optimized for composite body-in-white parts that are superior to aluminum and often even steel concerning strength and stiffness.

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Our resin solutions for composite wheels meet the most stringent safety requirements for impact and fatigue resistance, and deliver exceptional color stability and UV resistance.

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Leaf Spring

Leaf Spring

We offer a range of resin systems for the production of composite leaf springs, that can be up to five times more durable than steel springs.

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Pressure Vessel

Pressure Vessel

Our resin technology meets the stringent requirements of composite hydrogen storage vessels, offering high-impact and chemical resistance.

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Lower Costs, Faster to Market Whatever your Process

Lower Costs, Faster to Market Whatever your Process

Our leading composite expertise, broad product range and unique simulation capabilities can reduce development cycles by up to 50 %.


Frequently Asked Questions

What properties are required for composite wheels?

Composite wheels must combine light weight and superior crash resistance. Wheels and rims are cosmetic parts, so composites need to exhibit consistent transparency and color-matching.

How are composite materials used in automotive wheels?

There are two types of wheel structures using composites: full monolithic and hybrid. Full-composite wheels start with complex preforms that are injected and molded in one step by RTM or HP-RTM. Preforms can be manufactured using our ARALDITE® preforming binders. The hybrid design uses composite rims assembled on alloy-based spokes.

What are the key advantages of ARALDITE® resin solutions for composite wheels?

ARALDITE® resin systems deliver high stiffness and strength. High temperature resistance allows service temperatures up to 180° C. Our newest systems provide higher transparency and enhanced fracture toughness.

What specific Huntsman products are recommended for production of composite wheels?

ARALDITE® LY 8615 resin / ARADUR® 8615 hardener is a first-generation system with high thermal resistance, designed for production of hybrid and full-composite wheels by RTM and HP-RTM. The system is OEM-qualified, and offers proven performance and reliability from several years of on-road service.

ARALDITE® LY 1560 resin / ARADUR® 917-1 hardener / Accelerator DY 079 is a second-generation system that features increased strength and toughness, plus improved aesthetic properties for the most demanding wheel designs. Adjustable accelerator technology allows cure time to be tailored to a given wheel design.

The Right Solution for Your Manufacturing Process

Discover our leading composite expertise, broad product range and unique simulation capabilities to reduce development cycle times.

Processes for Composites

Composite Resin Systems

Our solutions for automotive composites offer superior mechanical performance at lower weight, chemical and particularly corrosion resistance, as well as minimal cycle time.

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