Processes for Electronics

Processes for Electronics

Our unique process expertise not only gives you greater confidence when developing new products with specific performance characteristics, but it also means we can support you in other key areas, such as lowering production waste and processing time, and by improving your production line stability.

Your One-Stop Resource for Electronics Processes

The main components of electric vehicles such as stators and rotors will operate in harsh environments. An appropriate application process can be decisive for meeting the requirements. Longer product lifetime and better performances are possible with proper thermal management, electrical insulation, and protection.


Resin Systems for Electronic Components

Discover our wide range of electronics applications to protect your devices against chemical, mechanical and electrical loads.

Applications for Electronics

Encapsulation Resin Systems

Our ranges of epoxy and polyurethane encapsulant chemistries meet the most stringent requirements for electronics applications in the electrified powertrain.

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